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Half-Day Rentals

Select one of our many watercraft rentals and discover the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe with this 3-hour rental!

Quick Details

Duration: Half-day

Availability: Hourly

Check-in time: 20 minutes before scheduled pick-up time

Single Kayak
Double Kayak For 2 people
Recreational Stand-up Paddleboard
Performance Stand-up Paddleboard
Prone Paddleboard
Super "SUP" Stand-up Paddleboard Holds 6-8 people
One Man Outrigger Canoe
Two Man Outrigger Canoe
Double Surfski

Spend a Half Day on Lake Tahoe

Want to get out on the waters of Lake Tahoe but don’t have the right equipment? Tahoe Watermans Landing has everything you need! Book a three-hour rental and spend part of your day paddling on the lake.

We offer a variety of SUP boards including recreational, performance, super or prone, and single or double kayaks. We also have one- and two-man outrigger canoes and surf skis.

At Tahoe Watermans Landing you don’t just get the watercraft rental! You also receive a water’s edge paddle craft caddy, paddling instructions and safety tips, and PFDs and paddles and leashes.

Since you will be out on the water, we recommend bringing a change of clothes in case you get wet.

Please note that there is a fee of $5 per 15-minute increments when returning a late rental.

Watercrafts available for Half Day Rentals 

  • Single Kayak
  • Recreational Stand-up paddleboards
  • Double Kayak
  • Performance SUP
  • Prone SUP
  • Super SUP
  • Surfski
  • One Man Outrigger Canoe
  • Two Man Outrigger Canoe

Additional Info

– Rent paddle crafts for 3 hours

– Rentals are available every hour

– Watersedge paddle craft cadie included

– Paddle instruction & safety briefing included

– PFD’s, paddle and leashes included

– Paddling lesson available for $20/20minutes

Rentals available year around

  • Off Season Rental availability (October – May) 10am – 2pm – Onsite rental only
  • Summer Season Reservation availability (June – September) 8am – 4pm