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Lake Tahoe Youth Programs

Our Summer Programs

Tahoe Watermans Landing’s Youth Waterman and paddling programs are created with a unique and dynamic waterman environment in mind to give active children the opportunity to master the mental, physical and technical skills needed in paddle sports, swimming, and water safety.  Our unique programs support the mindset of beach life, caring for the environment, having fun with like-minded people, getting fitter and stronger and gaining life experiences while improving waterman skills.  No doubt a week at Waterman will bring inspiration to the whole family. Our programs are crafted and designed by professionals in their field of play.

The inspiration to create youth programs came alive through our passion for paddling sports while witnessing the athleticism in the community around our mountain towns.  As a family, we believe in being in nature and enjoy the lake in the summer months. We want to share our waterman lifestyle with our community and generations to come so don’t miss out and book today!

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Become a better swimmer and paddler and learn water safety!

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Join a tribe of like-minded kids and make new friends while working as a team!

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Build confidence, courage, strength and resilience!

FAQs About Our Youth Programs