6-Man Outrigger Canoe Experience

Take in the beautiful sights of the Sierra Mountains and the blues of Lake Tahoe on our outrigger canoe experience!

Quick Details

Duration: 1 hour

Availability: ?

Start time: ?

Check-in time: 20 minutes before start time

Skill level: No experience necessary


Experience Outrigger Canoeing on Lake Tahoe

Have the ultimate and authentic outrigger canoe trip experience with us! This is a great activity for a family or group of friends. You’ll cruise around on a six-person outrigger canoe and take in views of the Sierra Mountains and the deep blues of Lake Tahoe!

Before we head out onto the waters, you’ll receive an introduction to the equipment and get instructions on proper paddling techniques, including how to synchronize your paddle strokes.

The outrigger canoe, PFDs, and paddles are all included.

This is a great way to experience the beautiful scenery and bond with a group of friends or family as you learn to paddle in synch. Book online now!