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About Us

The Tahoe Waterman Landing Story

We are a Tahoe Lifestyle Brand. Managing a local’s beach club, serving human food, paddling human-powered watercraft. A paddle race series passionately pushing personal boundaries of soulful paddlers, Junior Waterman and Watergrom youth programs, A Magazine to feature the Tahoe Watermans Community efforts, prowess and lifestyle, 501c3 Non-Profit Organization with the mission to be a steward of the land and the lake and promote human-power watercraft education and safety, additionally to working with a network of organization with the mission to conserve and protect our playground that is Lake Tahoe and its public access.

The dynamic duo behind Tahoe Waterman Landing, Jay and Anik Wild, met in Squaw Valley in 2003. Their proudest accomplishment, aside from their son Jaxsen, is creating the Tahoe Watergrom Camp. The camp is designed to bring the like lifestyle to all youths and help them build confidence and respect the environment.

The Wilds also created the nonprofit Lake Tahoe Waterman Association, which provides education, mentorship and coaching to support paddling sports on Lake Tahoe, with an environmental chapter committed to protection and conservation of the beautiful playground that is Tahoe.

Meet the owners and founders of Tahoe Watermans Landing

Jay Wild

Co-Owner of Waterman’s Landing & Co-Founder of Lake Tahoe Waterman Association

Jay Wild is a paddler, a coach, co-owner of Waterman’s Landing on Lake Lake Tahoe, and co-founder of the Lake Tahoe Waterman Association. He leverages his own experiences to help others discover what it means to live and train like an athlete while living a real life. And he uses creative training patterns to bring out the best in both himself and his clients.

Since Jay has picked up a paddle he has qualified to compete with some of the top men’s outrigger canoe crews in California, helping clubs win numerous races, represented the USA at the stand up paddle World Championships (bringing home individual and team medals), pushed his boundaries as a paddler and water athlete by placing 3rd overall in the prestigious and rigorous Ironmana race in Bora Bora.

These days, Jay still dominates Northern California paddling events and religiously holds true to the lifestyle he dreamt of and made a reality. Now added to that dream is the ever-changing role of being a father and husband. But truth be known, while Jay does his best to break up training routines with skiing and biking he surfs the challenges of  life, he finds constant sanctuary on the waters and in the mountains of Lake Tahoe. “Paddling is where I feel most alive,” he says. “Working my body with nature is freedom.”

Anik Wild

Co-Owner of Waterman’s Landing & Co-Founder of Lake Tahoe Waterman Association

I am Anik Wild, a lifelong athlete at heart, passionate coach, wife and mother, CEO of my founded companies, and co-founder of a non-profit organization. Each day, I live my live with a lot of pride and because I also have learned so much from it, I am excited to share with you.

Ten months from qualifying and possibly competing in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, I was forced into retirement from ski cross racing to nurse my ninth concussion.  This was a sour ending to a life dream: 30 years chasing an Olympic gold medal. While I was left with common disability symptoms from multiple concussions, I didn’t let this event keep me from thriving. Instead, I fell back in love with competitive paddling and training in a gym and also adopted a more holistic and minimalist view of life. I’ve become passionate about nutrition, essential oils and leading a well-rounded, mindful life and my mission is to help individuals and groups unleash or reawaken their inner athlete.

To find out more about my story check out my profile in ESPN W HERE and my RESUME.