3-Day Rentals

Choose one of our watercraft rentals and explore the blue waters of Lake Tahoe with this three-day rental!

Quick Details

Duration: Multi-day

Availability: Hourly

Check-in time: 20 minutes before scheduled pick-up time

Single Kayak
Double Kayak
SUP Boards
Recreational Stand-up Paddle Board

Spend Three Days on the Water at Lake Tahoe

Want to spend a few days on Lake Tahoe but don’t know where to find the right equipment? Here at Tahoe Watermans Landing, we have you covered!

This rental provides you with recreational stand-up paddle boards or single or double kayaks. Just choose your watercraft when you book online!

But your rental isn’t all you’ll get to enjoy! We also provide a water’s edge paddle craft caddy, paddle instructions and safety tips, and PFDs, leashes, and paddles.

There’s always a chance that you might get wet, so make sure to bring a spare change of clothes with you.

Don’t forget that Lake Tahoe is an alpine lake with rapidly changing water conditions and weather. Be sure to do your due diligence before paddling and visit a weather center app or website before hitting the lake. No small craft is advised on the lake when there is a high wind advisory in effect.

Please note that there is a fee of $5 per 15-minute increments when returning a late rental.