JR. Waterman Camp

Become a better swimmer while learning paddleboard sports and developing leadership skills on Lake Tahoe!

Quick Details

Duration: 5 hours

Ages: 13-17

Availability: July 30th to August 2nd

Start time: 9 a.m.


Enroll in Our Summer 2019 JR. Waterman Program

Our Junior Waterman program is designed to give teenagers the chance to develop superior paddling and swimming skills and practices essential to water-safety and rescue skills. We are passionate about helping our young people develop a solid foundation of skills in leadership, teamwork, work ethic, and communication to boost their confidence, strengthen their abilities and move ahead of the pack and within their communities. Participants should be comfortable in the water with basic swimming and paddling skills.

The Camp is a continuation of the Camp. It is for the watergroms that have moved up in age and are ready to take the next step in the waterman journey. It is also for the teenager that is looking to build confidence and have fun to learn water skills and test their limitations to explore their potential. Our experienced and trained staff will be there step-by-step to ensure safety, guidance and mentorship as the next generation of waterman and waterwoman are groomed through training sessions of paddling, swimming, diving and more!  The Junior Waterman camp will award the participants with the Tahoe Waterman Lifestyle experience.

During this program your Junior Waterman will enjoy the following:

  • Develop Tahoe waterman skills

  • Work as a team

  • Take swimming and paddling skills to the next level

  • Learn lifesaving and water-rescue skills

  • Learn the basics of free diving

  • Build confidence, courage, strength, and resilience

  • Build transferable skills and work ethic.

  • Discover leadership and communication skills

  • UC Davis environmental education

  • Have a blast with like-minded water people.