Anik and Jay Wild take great pride in leading Team Tahoe Waterman, a passionate paddling community. Our team is family-oriented and offers a unique, dynamic water-based environment to for kids and adults alike to master the mental, physical and technical aspects of paddle sports for overall fitness and to compete. Contact us to talk about joining Team Tahoe Waterman. 

If you need a new goal, a new tribe and a new team, we invite you to join us in The Wild Lifestyle Project. Jay and Anik are intimately familiar with what it takes to devote every bit of their time and energy into elite training, but they also love and appreciate the life they’ve created as a family and busy parents raising a wonderful little boy, running their thriving business, and committed to excellence in their own training. The Wilds are launching The Wild Lifestyle Project from a keen desire to help motivated people elevate the quality of their lives by integrating elements of the elite lifestyle. Whether you have loads of obligations and not  much time or just want to raise your game and tune up your life, we’ll be working with a hand-selected group of people who are hungry to unleash the athlete within, wake up that inner drive again, and learn how to create productive, meaningful time for themselves. Let us help you reclaim your internal discipline, mindset, focus, and elevate the talent you were born with into your everyday life so you go through the day humming with happiness. Please contact us to discuss whether the Wild Tribe is a good fit for you.

If you’re a serious athlete and want to work with a professional coach to design your training program, please contact us. We are accepting a limited number of private coaching clients and group clinics.

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