Tahoe’s Premier Paddling Outfitter

It’s always a beautiful day on Lake Tahoe! If you’re longing to experience our world-famous deep blue water and get out in the sunshine with friends and family on a paddle board, kayak, canoe or outrigger, come to Waterman’s Landing, Lake Tahoe’s premier paddling outfitter. Our spectacular beach-front location is protected by the California Tahoe Conservancy and our operations are directly tied to stewarding this remarkable natural resource.

Our professional, knowledgeable watermen are ready to get you on the water for a paddle or help you shop for your dream paddleboard. Book online to rent the paddle craft of your choice. If you’d like to expand your skills with a lesson, refresh your soul with SUP Yoga, or challenge yourself with a SUP fitness class, group paddle experience or training clinic, book here.

Safety comes first at Waterman’s Landing. An unforgettable experience on the lake is a safe one, so our team stays aware of safety hazards, weather and water conditions and shares that info with you. From first-time paddlers to experts, our waterman will help you feel comfortable, safe and excited to get out onto Tahoe’s big blue water. 

Let us know if you’re interested in setting up a private paddling adventure group SUP yoga experience for friends and family or for a corporate team-building adventure.


Junior Waterman Summer Camps

Our 2017 summer camp programs offer a unique, dynamic waterman environment to give active kids ages 7 to 14 the opportunity to master the mental, physical and technical skills needed in paddle sports, swimming and water safety. Campers spend the day outside having fun with like-minded kids, getting stronger and taking their swimming and paddling skills through the roof. Young people gain confidence by the day and go from quiet and shy to outgoing and talkative—and parents love picking up happy, exhausted kids.

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