Junior Waterman Summer Camps

Our 2017 summer camp programs offer a unique, dynamic waterman environment to give active kids ages 7 to 14 the opportunity to master the mental, physical and technical skills needed in paddle sports, swimming and water safety. Campers spend the day outside having fun with like-minded kids, getting stronger and taking their swimming and paddling skills through the roof. Young people gain confidence by the day and go from quiet and shy to outgoing and talkative—and parents love getting happy, exhausted kids back at the end of the day. 

Visit juniorwaterman.com for more information and dates for each camp.

Camp Watergrom

Our Watergrom Summer Camps are for young paddlers in the 7-14 age range. These camps focus on paddling fundamentals, paddling techniques and tactics, water awareness and safety, swimming fundamentals and technique, athletic skills, developing relationships & defining teams roles, and Tahoe conservancy knowledge.

Junior Waterman

Our Jr. Waterman program is designed to give teenagers the chance to develop superior paddling and swimming skills and practice essential water-safety and rescue skills. We are passionate about helping our young people develop a solid foundation of skills in leadership, teamwork, work ethic and communication to boost their confidence, strengthen their abilities and move ahead of the pack in their next job interview. Participants should be comfortable in the water with basic swimming and paddling skills.

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