Paddle Clinic

Elevate your paddling skills with our talented coach and enjoy the waters of Lake Tahoe!

Quick Details

Duration: 75 minutes

Check-in time: 20 minutes before start time

Skill level: No experience necessary

LTWA Member

Join a Lake Tahoe Paddle Boarding Clinic

If you are looking to take your paddle boarding skills to the next level, Jay Wild is not only an elite paddler and part owner of Watermans Landing, he’s also a talented coach willing to share some of his secrets of success! He’ll teach you the basics of how to master whatever watercraft you choose, along with proper paddle techniques and how you can become more confident on the water.

You’ll be able to select from single or double kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, prone SUPs, super SUPs, surf skis, and outrigger canoes. Just pick your craft of choice and get ready to hit the water!

Video analysis is also available for an additional charge!

Tahoe Watermans Landing is dedicated to helping you improve your paddling skills! Book online.