Anik Wild—CEO

Anik Wild is a lifelong athlete at heart, wife, mother, CEO of several companies, co-founder of a non-profit and a passionate coach. She says: "I’m proud of my past but know that while life can be understood backwards, it must be lived forwards. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Ten months away from qualifying for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Anik was forced to retire from ski racing to nurse her ninth concussion. This was a bitter ending to 30 years spent chasing a lifelong dream of competing in the Olympics. Despite common head injury symptoms and disabilities, stepping away from competitive skiing did not signal retirement from life as an athlete. Instead, she fell back in love with the physical demands of competitive paddling and the challenge of entrepreneurship. Most importantly, Anik has taken everything she learned from the hard-charging life of a professional ski racer and applied it to the business world, enjoying each day’s challenges and finding balance with friends and family. Today, she enjoys a more comprehensive view of life, and remains ever-curious about nutrition, fitness and business leading to a well-rounded, mindful existence.  

Wanting to follow in her parents’ footsteps and launch a family business serving the surrounding community and visitors, Anik, her sister Kina, and husband Jay have put their heart and soul into Waterman’s Landing year after year and are passionate about inspiring others to continually improve and live an optimal lifestyle.


Kina Nemeth—Café Director

Kina Nemeth, Queen of the Beach Café, believes that fueling your body with healthy, organic food helps you to live your most authentic life. With over 20 years of cafe experience, Kina is a master at creating fresh, delicious menu items, delectable coffees and our famous bacon jam recipe, a customer favorite—which you’ll find in signature dishes such as the breakfast burrito and classic Waterman’s Breakfast Bagel sandwich.

A dedicated mother and wife, and always working to improve herself, when Kina is not in the kitchen baking delicious scones or gluten-free granola, she’s probably hiding out in the serenity of the woods or the lake, playing with her kids, snuggling with her dogs, or skiing down Lake Tahoe slopes. She is happy when her family, friends, and customers are happy—especially when they experience the delights of that famous bacon jam.

Jay Wild—Director of Paddling

For Jay Wild, professional paddler and co-owner of Lake Tahoe’s Waterman’s Landing, “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” Jay uses his own hard-won experience to help others discover what it means to live like a pro athlete.

Jay says “I’ve learned everything through trial and error, experiences and mentors” and relies on using creative training patterns to bring out the best in himself and his clients. He strives to lead by example, growing and evolving alongside his clients, whether they are 8 years old or 80.

Before opening the doors of Waterman’s with Anik and Kina, Jay approached his paddling career with the same determination he now models for his clients. Training year-round on Tahoe’s clear blue waters, within one year of “serious” paddling, Jay qualified to compete with the top men’s crew for IMUA Outrigger Canoe Club. He also represented USA at the World Championships and continues to dominate Northern California SUP events.

These days, Jay religiously holds to the lifestyle he dreamed of and made a reality, expanding that in his ever-changing roles of husband and father to his very active little boy Jaxsen. While Jay surfs the challenges of life, he finds constant sanctuary on the waters of Lake Tahoe. “Paddling is where I feel most alive,” he says, “working my body with nature is freedom.”

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